School Diary

  • Every student is expected to bring the school diary everyday.
  • The student particulars on the first page must be duly filled and signed by the parents.
  • Parents are requested to check the diary everyday for any information and duly sign it.

General Rules

  • Any changes of residential/official address and telephone numbers must be communicated immediately to the school office.
  • Neatness, cleanliness in appearance is imperative.
  • Students are expected to wear the school uniform everyday unless directed otherwise.
  • Parents/Guardians are expected to attend all Parent-Facilitator meetings as and when scheduled.
  • Students must keep the school and class rooms clean.
  • Students must not scribble on desks or walls, damage school property in any other way or disfigured the bulletin board.
  • For birthday celebrations, the school encourages students to distributes two sweets or chocolate per child. “No packed gifts will be accepted.”
  • Children are expected to wear their identity cards everyday to the school. Children reporting late/in improper uniform will not be allowed to attend the school.
  • If arrangements have been made for a private conveyance to pick & drop the child from school, it is the sole responsibility of the Parents to see that their child reaches school/home safely and on time.
  • In case of any change of address, any contact numbers or any authorized person details, a fresh I-Card will be issued against the payment. The particulars with photograph should be submitted along with the application, to school admin office.
    All the books, notebooks and the almanac etc expected to be covered with plastic sheets only.
  • Parents can meet the facilitators only with a prior appointment. The schedule for the regular Parent-Facilitators interaction will be intimated on a regular basis. However, any important information can be communicated at school reception over the phone between 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM or between 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM on all working days. Kindly call only on the school landline numbers for the intimation.
  • Avoid sending any expensive / fancy items such as toys, watches etc. Expensive ornaments should also not be worn by students. Bringing of mobile phones is strictly prohibited.
  • Shoes, water bottles, jackets and raincoats should be labeled with name-tags of the child.
  • In case of any admin related issues you may meet the School Admin Officer between 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon on all working days. For academic concerns you may meet the Headmistress/Principal between 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM with prior appointment.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed to be brought by the students to the school. If any student is found with the mobile, the same will be confiscated and returned only after deposit of fine of  Rs.2,000/-.

For Nursery-KG

  • Students will be provided with a healthy nutritious mid-day meal. Parents are requested not to send any commercial foods items for their ward.
  • Students are expected to bring the following items to school every day-
    A clean handkerchief
    A clean napkin and apron
    School Diary
  • Parents must keep one extra set of undergarments in the child’s bag.

Withdrawal and Refund Rules

  • One month’s notice must be given for any withdrawal or fee of one term will be charged.
  • Refund will include only the caution money.
  • Refund should be collected within one month of the withdrawal notice.

Leave Rules

In case of any leave, please inform the facilitator in advance. In case, the parents have to take the children within the school hours, written application/verbal information (over phone) has to be submitted at the reception by 11. 00 a.m., failing which the child will not be handed over to the parents and will be sent by the usual transport. The child will be handed over only to the person carrying the parent I-card.

Fee Payment Rules

  • School fees is taken on a quarterly basis on the following dates:-
  • Fee Bills will be issued in advance before the start of every quarter to which the bill relates. The fees is payable on a quarterly basis as per the schedule.
  • After 10th of every quarter a fine of Rs. 10/- per day till the date of payment. If 10th of the quarter falls on Sunday or any gazette holiday, then next working day will be the last day for the payment of fees. If the fees is not paid by the 20th of the quarter then the name of the child shall be struck off the school rolls. Re-admission will be allowed, subject to the availability of the seat in the concerned class. He/She shall be admitted at the discretion of the Principal on the payment of re-admission charges and payment of all arrears of fees including the fine for late fee.
  • Parents will kindly keep the counterfoil with them at least for the session & produce whenever required by the school for occasional reconciliation, if necessary.
  • If the cheque is dishonoured by the bank for any reason what so ever, a penalty of Rs.150/- will be charged with fine. If the child is absent at the end of the quarter and is unable to collect the fee bill then the parents have to collect the fee bill from the school office. The parents can also collect the duplicate fee bill from the school office on payment of Rs.50/-.

Code of Conduct for Students

  • No student shall indulge in any  of the following  practices, namely:-
    • spitting in or near the school building except where the spitting is made in any Spittoon provided by the School;
    • disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property;
    • smoking;
    • any form of gambling;
    • use of violence in any form;
    • roudyism and rude behaviour;
    • casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability;
    • cause indiscipline and disturb the decorum of the school.
  • In case of breach of Code of Conduct by  any student, the  Head of the School is to  counsel the  concerned  student in order to ensure  that the student does not breach the code of conducts. In case, the concerned  student fails to take cognizance of the counseling  given by the Head of the  school and repeats the same verbatim of facts, the Head of the school shall take up  the matter of indiscipline of the students with the parents  through communication or by calling in person so as to ensure that the parents take responsibility of the student so as not to breach the code  of conduct.
  • Provided that when the student failed to obligate the  counseling given to him/her  by the school as well as parents as well failed to check  in to indulge in any of the sub- clause of Code of Conduct of sub-rule(1) of Rule 36, the matter shall be placed before  the committee consisting the following constituents :
    • Head of the school
    • Vice President (Parents)
    • One of the senior P.G.T. of  the School (to be  nominated by the HOS) .
    • Class Teacher /Physical Education Teacher
    The said committee shall inquire Into the concept of the default of Code of  Conduct by the student and after making inquiry with process of natural justice, i.e., given an opportunity to the student to explain and  herein after to issue a show cause notice to the parents and to submit its findings to the Managing Committee.

    The Managing Committee therein after consider the findings of the aforestated Committee and after having considered  the same, shall decide the punishment to be awarded to the student and that punishment may be expulsion from the school.

General Rules for Students

  • You are expected to be polite, courteous, respectful and disciplined inside and outside the school.
  • Take good care of your books, stationary, uniform and all personal belonging.
  • Neatness and cleanliness is important.
  • Be punctual and regular in work habits.
  • Be responsible towards school property and others property.
  • Communicate your day’s experience positively with your family.
  • You must not bring any sharp instrument that could possibly harm anyone in the school.
  • The school will not be responsible for loss of books, money and other valuables brought by you to school. However, Every effort will be made to recover the things lost, if reported the Class Facilitator or the Principal immediately.


  • All Students must attend school regularly from the first to the last day of school.
  • Punctuality in school attendance is necessary.
  • A written application to the Class Facilitator is to be made in case of absence from school.
  • No student is permitted to leave school during school hours without a valid permission slip from the Class Facilitator and the Principal. The student must bring a letter from Parents for permission to leave school, or any other changes in arrival and departure arrangement.
  • If a student is afflicted with an infectious disease, completion of the quarantine period is necessary. A medical fitness certificate must be submitted when the student returns to school.


The students are not allowed to use the school telephone without the written permission of the authority designated. They should be brief on the phone and not misuse the facility.

Stationery Outlet

  • All school books and stationery may be obtained from the school stationery outlet. Specific days are communicated to parents at the start of each school year.
  • For the sake of uniformity, students are required to obtain exercise books of the standard design bearing the name of the school from the school stationery outlet.


The school clinic is equipped to cope with all minor ailments during school hours. The school paramedic will take appropriate action in case of accidents and emergencies. Please keep the school informed in case your ward is on any medication / requires special medical attention.