29th march 1991 the building of New Morden senior secondary school gave the concrete shape to the cherished dreams of the members of the New Morden senior secondary school, the soul. Young entrants to the profession with their dreamy eyes pledged to make the reality as lofty as the dreams of their elders. With each passing year adding on the physical facilities and experimenting, evolving and understanding the real meaning of education, the New Morden senior secondary school family has been inching towards its objectives of producing men & women of lofty aims, men and women of substance & men & women with sensitive hearts. A young sapling nourished with tender care of our elders & dedicated staff has grown into a full grown tree. Being committed to the quality, we have been making strides towards perfection and the journey is on. Our motto, our philosophy Creating leaders Tommorow permeates in our whole being, in our environment, in all our activities.